Hospitality and Travel

Special Interest Group

This is an open, public group

Scope of Group

This group is focussed on the interests of Hospitality and Travel industry professionals with a vested interest in the application of Decentralized Identity technologies

. This is an open, non-IPR group
All welcome to join the bi-weekly call each Thursday 10 AM Eastern time for 1 hour starting 04 January 2024

Specs & Projects

The work items that are underway or previously completed by the Hospitality & Travel Special Interest Group

Current work items
Decentralised Travel Profile (Published June 2023)
Previous work items

Previous work items include documenting a variety of use cases and are available via the SIG's former Notion website

This Is Me and I'm Entitled to a Discount

On-Demand Profile Element Sharing With Providers and Others

Verified Hotel Stay

Travel change & Disruption

Back pickup & Delivery

Car Rental for Business

SIG Chairs

The following DIF members lead this Special Interest Group, contact them for more info on the projects, specs, and development happening within

Nick Price
Gene Quinn