§ SIG Profile Template

Profile Status: Strawman

Latest Draft: https://identity.foundation/

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§ Abstract

The abstract of the profile. What context created it, what precedents or design goals should the reader know about.

§ Audience

Who is the audience for this document.

§ Status of This Document

The status of the profile e.g. v1.0.0 is a PRE-DRAFT specification under development within the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF).

§ Description

Include a description of the profile. A table or diagram to explain the layering model is always helpful!

§ Scope

What is in the scope of the profile and what falls outside of the scope of the profile. If this work is being conducted without IP protection, it is advised that any IP-sensitive topics and original work, including in-detail discussion of “upstream” PRs and change requests (i.e., changes to items on which this profile depends, whether in DIF or not) be put out of scope.

§ Structure of this Document

A description to the reader on how the document is structured.

§ Terminology

List of terms which appear in the profile, preferably with links to published definitions for major items.

§ Profile

Consumer Travel Schema Components (Draft)
Profile Element (Skinny) Payload Sample Additional Items Supplied by Consumers
Identity M n/a
Name (Last, First, Middle, Salutation) A n/a
Nationality A n/a

§ Use-Cases

Defining or referring to previously published use cases which this profile enables and supports is highly recommended.

§ Examples

Embedded or referenced non-normative examples

§ Implementations

References to known conformant implementations, whether intended as reference implementation or otherwise.

§ Test Vectors

Embedded or referenced test vectors.

§ Test Suite

Embedded or referenced test suites.

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