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Scope of Work

Community collaboration and project management on Interoperability. Develop and publish definitions of success with respect to business interoperability, at the highest level. Defining points of protocol-defined touchpoints for maximum interchangeability of components at every layer; it is assumed that over time, that number will increase, not decrease. Community collaboration and project management on interoperability goal to seek the greatest interoperability in the greater good, not to pick winners. Provide feedback, input documents, members, and guidance to working groups producing standards, specifications, reference implementations and demonstrations hosted by community organizations including but not limited to IETF, W3C, W3C CCG, Hyperledger, Trust over IP.

Interoperability documentation

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Specs & Projects

The active work items that are underway in the DIF Interop Working Group


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Meeting Minutes/Agenda

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The following DIF members lead the work in this group, contact them for more info on the projects, specs, and development happening within.

Kaliya Young
David Waite
Snorre Lothar von Gohren Edwin