Job Opportunities

  • Blockchain Engineer / Architect
    Location: Remote (US EST-centric)
    Centre is looking for a smart-contract whisperer, blockchain hackathon junkie, and/or verifiable credential wizard to combine research, testing, and architecture for both identity-related (Verite) and token-design (USDC) projects.
  • Developer Advocate
    Location: Remote
    As a Developer Advocate, you'll :
    - Become extremely knowledgeable about an emerging and rapidly growing technology self-sovereign identity by understanding, communicating, and documenting best practices
    - Ensure developers always get the help they need by providing brilliant documentation, thoughtful technical support, and fostering the Trinsic community through the developer forum and Slack
    - Make developers' lives easier by building and improving documentation, demos, sample applications, scripts, integrations, etc
    - Ensure our product reflects the needs of the developers in our community by collecting feedback, logging bugs, and contributing to the product yourself
    - Maintain Trinsic's position as the go-to developer platform for decentralized identity by developing relationships with developers around the world and work with marketing to help developers tell their stories through technical content
  • Backend Engineer
    Location: Remote
    You join us in developing the open source libraries, standards, and drivers our platform needs. We try to hire people who will do the work of their lives at Trinsic. That person is likely:
    - A well-rounded engineer who is particularly strong in backend and cloud architectures. Rust is our language of choice for native development, and Go, .NET, and Node in microservices setup. Kubernetes native development and Protobuf across the board
    - Has experience building customer-facing APIs or experience building systems implemented on top of well defined standards & protocols like gRPC, REST, OIDC/OAuth
    - An exceptional communicator who is excited to work on a remote team
    - Someone who identifies with the core values and philosophy of self-sovereign identity, namely privacy, autonomy, and individual dignity
  • Product Marketing Manager
    Location: Remote
    Transmute is looking for a creative individual to join our growing team as a Product Marketing Manager, who will work with the product and sales team to achieve the team's marketing goals and accelerate growth for a soon to be launched B2B SaaS product.
    This role will focus on developing, and optimizing marketing and product awareness strategy across owned, earned, and paid channels.