Working Group

aka: DID Auth WG

Scope of Work

Since December 2020, this work is hosted by the Open Identity Foundation. This group to contribute to standards and technology that designs and implements authentication protocols that rely upon open standards and cryptographic protocols, including DIDs and DID Documents. This group develops specifications, protocols, and formats for data structures used for authentication.

Specs & Projects

The active work items that are underway in the DIF Authentication Working Group

DID Authentication Profile for SIOP

This specification defines the SIOP DID AuthN flavor to use OpenID Connect (OIDC) together with the strong decentralization, privacy and security guarantees of DID for everyone who wants to have a generic way to integrate SSI wallets into their web applications.

OIDF - SIOP v2 (draft) OIDF - SIOP v2 (most recent editor's draft ) Explainer - outdated. New work carried out under OIDF Repo - outdated. New work carried out under OIDF
DIDComm JS Lib

A shared effort with the HL Aries project to create a standardized means of authenticated general message passing between DID controllers. More information will be added soon.



The following DIF members lead the work in this group, contact them for more info on the projects, specs, and development happening within.

Oliver Terbu


The following DIF members connect DIF with other community organisations

Kristina Yasuda