Together we're building a new identity ecosystem

Join us in developing the foundational components of an open, standards-based, decentralized identity ecosystem for people, organizations, apps, and devices.

Our Focus

DIF is an engineering-driven organization focused on developing the foundational elements necessary to establish an open ecosystem for decentralized identity and ensure interop between all participants.

Technical Specifications

Groups in DIF develop specifications and emerging standards for protocols, components, and data formats that implementers can execute against.

Reference Implementations

Beyond specifications, DIF members develop open source reference implementations of the technical components and protocols they create.

Industry Coordination

As the leading industry organization in the Decentralized Identity space, DIF seeks to align industry participants to advance their common interests.

Working Groups

As an engineering-driven development-focused organization, our Working Groups are at the core of everything we do. Our Working Groups are scoped by functional areas, and are designed to drive emerging standard specifications backed up by open source code.

Identifiers and Discovery

A key piece of the decentralized identity equation is how people, organizations, and devices can be identified and located without centralized systems of identifiers (e.g. email addresses). DIF members are actively working on protocols and implementations that enable creation, resolution, and discovery of decentralized identifiers and names across decentralized systems, like blockchains and distributed ledgers.

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Storage and Compute

Secure, encrypted, privacy-preserving storage and computation of data is a critical component of decentralized identity systems. As with identifiers and names must be self-sovereign to the owning entity, a user's identity data must remain private, only accessible to the entities they allow. DIF members are actively developing specs and reference implementations for provider-agnostic, run-anywhere solutions that provides these features.

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Designing and implementing DID-based authentication specs, standards, and libraries used in authenticating DIDs across a wide variety of exchanges and use cases.

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Claims and Credentials

The ability to verify the claims and assertions of identities is key in establishing trust among entities on a decentralized system that lacks a centralized hierarchy. DIF has recently begun work on defining the specs, protocols, and tools it can provide to the ecosystem to help ecosystem participants and their customers easily integrate DID-signed claims into their apps and services.

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DIF represents a diverse, international collection of organizations and contributors working together to establish an open ecosystem of decentralized identity that is accessible to all.

News & Insights

News about our work and insights from our members on their efforts to build the decentralized identity ecosystem.

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