Decentralized Identity Foundation


Enable a world where decentralized identity solutions allow entities to gain control over their identities and allow trusted interactions.


Provide a neutral and inclusive place for the decentralized identity community to collaborate.

DIF cultivates ideas & emerging specifications by enabling industry-wide discussions, experimentation (testing of hypothesis) and demonstration of interoperability.

DIF encourages a contribution led approach based on open source code contributions to developing an interoperable identity stack composed which can be used and adopted without restrictions.

DIF collaborates closely with standardization bodies to ensure more matured concepts or specifications can be formalized standards in the most suitable organizations.

Governing Documents

The documents that are currently accepted by the foundation

DIF Charter

This “Project Charter” establishes the terms under which this Project operates

DIF Participation Matrix

The list of benefits of DIF membership and other participation formats offered by the foundation

Participation Matrix
DIF Code of Conduct

Creating an open, healthy and productive culture where members and the community can build and grow together. This is a living document, feel free to comment.

Code of Conduct GitHub - Code of Conduct
Steering Committee minutes

A public document for the minutes and decisions made by the Steering Committee.

SC minutes
DIF Brand Guidelines

Guidelines and logos to represent DIF in the public

Brand Guidelines

Steering Committee members

The following DIF members are the elected representatives of DIF's Steering Committee

Kim H. Duffy
Karyl Fowler
Kendra Bittner
Markus sabadello
Sam Curren
Daniel Buchner
Rouven Heck