Claims and Credentials

Working Group

aka: CC WG

Scope of Work

Join this group to contribute to the standards and technology that create, exchange, and verify claims and credentials in a decentralized identity ecosystem. For example, a cryptographically verifiable credential that proves an individual has a college degree or is of a certain age. Our members focus on specs that are vendor agnostic and based on industry standards.

Specs & Projects

The active work items that are underway in the DIF Claims and Credentials Working Group


WACI-DIDComm is an initiative to create a common stack for wallet and credential interactions leveraging features of DIDComm V2 messaging protocol (along with Aries Present Proof message formats and DIF Presentation Exchange data objects).

Specification Repo
Credential Manifest

The DID Credential Manifest is a format that aims to normalize the process of credential acquisition, wherein the issuer is able to describe the requirements the subject or participant in the credential generation process must meet for the issuer to generate the desired credential.

Specification Repo
VC JSON Schemas

The VC JSON Schema specification aims to provide a standardized mechanism to use JSON Schemas as the data backing for Verifiable Credentials. Though the repository lives in the W3C-CCG, this working group contains key contributors and has a vested interest in contributing to the development of the specification.

Specification Repo


The following DIF members lead the work in this group, contact them for more info on the projects, specs, and development happening within.

Martin Riedel
Juan Caballero
Daniel McGrogan