Education Resources

A curated list of educational resources

Starting Points

Everyone's got to start somewhere! Whether you're new to DIF, new to decentralized identity, new to identity tech, or new to open standards, these are good starting points for on-boarding and educating yourself or your team.

Where to Begin? article, by Kaliya Young and Juan Caballero, available as a downloadable PDF or on Medium.

Decentralized Identity FAQ This is the DIF’s general-purpose knowledgebase, which aims to help people at all levels of familiarity with our problem space quickly level-set and find the most useful links and ideas as they explore the space.

Recording of Transmute CEO Karyl Fowler and Spruce Open Source Yenta Juan Caballero presenting a 60-minute "SSI 101" session at #IIW31 with extensive Q&A

Clickable Glossary slide from the above presentation, October 2020.

Architectural Stack & Community Efforts Overview (aka "the three stacks diagram") Rouven Heck's interpretation of the spec landscape mapped onto layers 1-3 of the ToIP mental model, across the W3C-centric, Hyperledger, and DIF communities. v1 on github, Sept 2020

DIF's New Members (or those considering DIF membership) are warmly welcomed to familiarize themselves with the current work of the DIF groups by attending monthyl All-hands report out calls (every other week at 11am Eastern Time), overview past work by reading through the archives of the monthly newsletter, and peruse the by-laws and member resources on our Organizational resources a repo on github.

Recent publications

All publications are in PDF format unless otherwise specified.

Recent Outputs of the Interoperability WG.

Overview of Public-Domain Educational Materials, October 2020

Glossary Group Report: Wallets, Agents, and Credentials , May 2020

Educational resources from our members

If you would notice an out-of-date link or would like to suggest a resource, please email Communication at DIF.'s Blog Aggregator and Newsletter projects, by Infominer and Kaliya Young

Various link-lists and resources by Nader Helmy (Mattr.Global)

Michael Ruminer's VC Specification Map, navigable as a PDF or as an interactive Kumu map

Educational Medium blog of LISSI/IDUnion's Adrian Doerk

Animo's collection

of resources

    DIF's YouTube logochannel


Playlist of videos from the Interoperability WG

Playlist of videos from the most recent "Face-to-Face" conference, June 2020

DIF's Medium Blog

News about our work and insights from our members on their efforts to build the decentralized identity ecosystem.