Glossary (Hibernated)

Open Group

Scope of Work

The goal of this project is to facilitate the emergence of contextualized vocabulary that is widely accepted across the decentralized identity community/industry. Together we will be working across the whole range of projects and efforts to understand what language is currently being used and to invite understanding and support convergence on some core definitions. We will do this in an open and transparent manner that is as inclusive as possible. We are not (re)creating a comprehensive taxonomy but rather are focusing on a few key terms that are especially critical for wider adoption.


The active work items that are underway in the DIF Glossary (Hibernated) Open Group

Glossary Project Phase 1 results

short description for glossary phase 1



The following DIF members lead the work in this group, contact them for more info on the projects, specs, and development happening within.

Kaliya Joung
Adrian Gropper